Video: Bradley Cooper and the 10 Sexiest Unexpectedly Multi-Linguistic Celebs

Stars who parle français and parlano italiano.

As revealed by a recent interview, past Details cover star Bradley Cooper is fluent in French. Who knew, right? Well, it got the whole Internet atwitter and earned him a new batch of amorous admirers (the ladies of Jezebel included). So we began to think, what other actors might have hidden linguistic talents as well? Here's what we found.

Johnny Depp: French

Johnny Depp is, as we all know, a man of the world. Little wonder then that he's learned a bit of français. We also think that living in France since the '90s and fathering children with French bon-bon Vanessa Paradis also had something to do with it.

Viggo Mortensen: Spanish, Danish, and French

While he was born right here in NYC, the polylingual Viggo Mortensen grew up in Denmark, Venezuela, and Argentina, collecting tongues along the way. So good is his Danish that he looks like an absolute native in this interview. He even has the European insouciance to drink beer and smoke cigarettes on television.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: French

As you might have learned from our cover story on him, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a man of many talents, one of which appears to be speaking French. Now, his mastery of the language isn't perfect, but the announcer's pronunciation of his name, "Ley-Vet is priceless.

Ben Affleck: Spanish

Thanks to a short stint living in Mexico City as a student, Ben Affleck got pretty good in Spanish. In this clip, he talks about his movie, The Town ( La Ciudad?) and talks about his co-star "Juan Hamm" who, we guess, appears in the AMC television series Hombres Locos

Emma Watson: French

We love Emma Watson's plucky little English accent (and her American one). But thanks to a French grandmother and spending her early years in Paris, she also parle français in that plucky little English accent. Cute!

Kobe Bryant: Italian

Thanks to his father, pro basketball player Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, Kobe spent some of his childhood in Italy where he acquired both the language and, according to him, a "passione per la vita." We also think that's were he picked up that dubious mustache of his.

Natalie Portman: Hebrew

Natalie Portman was already the Harvard-educated, Academy-Award-winning apple of America's eye — but she might even be more adorable in Hebrew. No wonder half the Upper West Side went into mourning when they heard Benjamin Millepied took her off the market.

Edward Norton: Japanese

Seems Edward Norton sent some of his childhood in Japan and picked up the local language. Judging from this clip, he isn't completely fluent in Japanese but, given the audience reaction, he sure is funny.

Shakira: Italian

How do you make the already multilingual Columbian hip shaker Shakira even sexier? Simple — add Italian.

Colin Firth: Italian

He won an Oscar for stuttering, but heartthrob Colin Firth actually speaks oh-so-romantic Italian. Apparently he learned it so he could converse with his wife in her native tongue, which is also pretty damned romantic.

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