Brennan Woods of the Pursuit Aesthetic Makes a Case for the $12 Haircut

When time and convenience are of the essence, nothing beats a $12 haircut.

Courtesy of Lulu Vision

When I need a bit of an escape from the office, there are three things I like to do to relax: Run out to Manhattan Espresso Cafe for a latte, get a shoe shine in Grand Central Station, or swing by my local barber for a quick trim. Now, I love Freemans--don't get me wrong. But when time and convenience are of the essence, nothing beats a $12 haircut. Down 47th Street, a few short blocks from my office, sits Sergey of First Class Barber Shop. Sergey never makes me wait and never really talks much, which is fine with me. As soon as I sit down in that chair, I just close my eyes and let the man go to work. The buzzing of clippers and the metal-on-metal sounds of the scissors provides a welcome break from work. And since I'm used to paying so much more for a haircut, I always just give him a crisp twenty when we're done--which ensures he always remembers me and how I like my hair cut. When I get back to the office, I just run to the men's room and throw a little product in my hair, and I'm ready to finish out the day.

(First Class Barber Shop: 127 E. 47th St., 212-758-3111)

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