Bulletproof Bespoke: 4 Stylish Suits That Will Literally Save Your Life

Want to give new meaning to the term "power suit"? These menswear items are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, protect your identity, and even stop a bullet at point-blank range.

Images courtesy of respective companies.

International bankers and oil tycoons may indulge in a wardrobe filled with fine Italian tailoring, but when their lives depend on it, they go to extreme sartorial measures—not that you'd know just by looking at them. If you need to protect more than just your sense of style, here are four suits and jackets you can trust with your life.


Images courtesy of respective companies.

__Diamond Armor Suit by Suitart

Price:__ $3.12 million

What makes this the most expensive suit in the world? Apart from the fact that Swiss tailors add 880 black diamonds to the buttons and lapels, it's also ballistic-certified by NATO and comes equipped with Diamond Armor's active air-conditioning system, waterproof nano-tech sealing, and lining designed and signed by artist Luciano Goizueta, so you feel like a million dollars while spending just over three.


Images courtesy of respective companies.

__Bulletproof Suit by Garrison Bespoke

Price:__ $20,000

Looking for a modern, lightweight, and comfortable suit that can stop a nine-millimeter round? This Toronto-based tailor uses the same nanotechnology designed for the U.S. troops' uniforms in Iraq. Finally, a bulletproof getup without the bulkiness of traditional police vests.


Images courtesy of respective companies.

__Classic Jacket by Miguel Caballero Black Collection

Price:__ starts at $7,000

Clients like President Obama, as well as kings, politicians, businessmen, and celebrities, know Miguel Caballero simply as the Armored Armani. His jackets aren't only lightweight and thermo-regulating, they can stop rounds from a nine-millimeter and a .357 Magnum at point-blank range. His Black Collection is as fashion-forward as it is discreet, providing maximum protection while still looking sharp.


Images courtesy of respective companies.

__Shield Tech Jacket by Avid Union

Price:__ $249

Yes, the product pictures are a little goofy, but this jacket really does fight both evil e-villains and identity thieves. The lightweight carbon fiber provides durable waterproof protection while an interior breast pocket made of nickel-coated fabric (easily removed before washing) blocks radio-frequency identification (RFID) and wireless signals from accessing anything inside (i.e., your credit cards).

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