Casting Confirmed: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Suit Up for Dark Knight Rises

Our August 2010 Cover Star Signs Up For The Next Batman Flick


Photo: Norman Jean Roy for Details

It had been long rumored, but now it's a trade-rag fact: August 2010 cover star Joseph Gordon-Levitt will indeed join his Inception director Christopher Nolan in the third installment of the filmmaker's dark, beloved Batman movie series, The Dark Knight Rises. Film blogs had been humming about the possible casting since late last year, but today Nikki Finke's Deadline posted a Warner Bros. Pictures press release confirming that both Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose, Inception) have signed on to the action epic due in summer 2012. Contrary to online speculation, Gordon-Levitt will not be playing the Riddler or another classic villain, but rather John Blake, a young cop at Commissioner Gordon's (Gary Oldman) right hand. Whatever his role, Nolan has already trained him well for onscreen action, as he told us back in August. No doubt this will help him finally put to bed his fading reputation as "that long-haired kid from 3rd Rock." (Deadline)

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