Watch: The Men of Details Do the Ice Bucket Challenge

Thom Browne ruined a suit. James Franco did it without pants. And David Beckham? Shirtless, naturally.

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Let us apologize if this headline is misleading. As far as we know, no one on the actual Details staff has been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge—and if they have, they're keeping mum. But scores of the celebrities, designers, and models we've featured in the magazine, (like David Beckham, Usain Bolt, Arthur Kulkov, and Thom Browne, to name just a few) have. So naturally we put all of their bone-chilling videos in one place for your convenience. You're welcome.

And to those of you on the stop-wasting-clean-water-and-just-write-a-check-damnit side of this Internet phenomenon, we hear your concerns. But there's really no denying that it's been effective. The ALS Association said yesterday that the $15.6 million it's raised since the Challenge started a few weeks ago is nine times more than it normally drums up in the same timeframe. We ask you to bear that in mind as you watch the bevy of videos below.

James Franco

Lots of other guys took their shirts off for the challenge. Franco, ever the original, did it without his pants.

• • •

David Beckham

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Drench it like Beckham.

• • •

Thom Browne

Here's hoping he wasn't to attached to that suit.

• • •

Ben Affleck

Marriage might be work, but at least Ben and Jennifer make it look like fun.

• • •

Justin Timberlake

He may end up all wet, but Timberlake still manages to show off at least one move in this video. (Hint: it involves the hat.)

• • •

Robert Downey, Jr.

We wonder if doing the challenge in a pool made it harder or easier for this Iron Man?

• • •

Arthur Kulkov

Leave it to a male model to make this challenge really, really, ridiculously good looking.

• • •

Adam Levine

So this is how he achieves that flawless falsetto.

• • •

Usain Bolt

The fastest man of the world was, momentarily, one of the coldest, too.

• • •

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

• • •

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