Gossip Girl's Hottest Guy, Chace Crawford, Shares His Grooming Pet Peeves (and He's Got a Bunch)

After six years of playing a rich kid from the Upper East Side, the former Gossip Girl actor is unemployed, bearded, and can't be bothered to shop for new clothes.

NEW ORLEANS, LA - FEBRUARY 02: Actor Chace Crawford attends Gillette's Kiss & Tell Live National Experiment and gets the sparks flying by asking women which kiss is best: a kiss with a stubble or smooth shaven skin on February 2, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Gillette)

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After six years of playing a rich kid from the Upper East Side, the former Gossip Girl actor is unemployed, bearded, and can't be bothered to shop for new clothes. (We'd be more concerned if he didn't have the genetic makeup of a Ken doll.) Details caught up with him while he was hanging out with Gillette at the Super Bowl.

DETAILS: You've been loyal to the five-day beard for some time now. Have you thought about giving up the scruff for a clean shave?

CHACE CRAWFORD: I think that's why Gillette invited me to this Kiss and Tell experiment. Right now I have the two-week unemployment beard. I don't think anyone could get me to shave. I had to shave for six years while on the show. And when you look like you're fifteen with a clean shave, you have to have a beard.

DETAILS: Let's pretend I'm in your bathroom. Is there anything in there you'd be embarrassed for me to find?

CHACE CRAWFORD: I was just about to make a bad joke. A nose-hair trimmer? Is that embarrassing? Do people still use those?

DETAILS: Is there one grooming essential you splurge on?

CHACE CRAWFORD: That would have to be my electric toothbrush. I really like my electric toothbrush.

DETAILS: Your sister is a former beauty queen, and you've spent hundreds of hours under an HD camera. Has she given you advice for looking fresh-faced?

CHACE CRAWFORD: Don't go out and have 15 drinks before you have to wake up early. Most of the time I would get in there and they would shave my face off with an electric razor, slap a little stuff on, and we'd be ready to shoot.

DETAILS: I've had a few stylists tell me you've got the most coveted eyebrows in Hollywood. What do you think of that?

CHACE CRAWFORD: One of my friends calls me brows. She makes fun of me. I think they look like big caterpillars but they're nice. Just kidding. That's flattering. You can call me brows now.

DETAILS: Do you have any grooming pet peeves?

CHACE CRAWFORD: Oh yeah, when guys use the tanning booth five days in a row, or slap on a lot of greasy stuff into their hair. Less is more. Overusing cologne is the worst.

DETAILS: You've gone through a decent number of wardrobe changes on Gossip Girl. What's something you've worn on the show that you wouldn't touch in real life?

CHACE CRAWFORD: There's been a couple of times where I looked like I was right out of a Nautica ad. I don't usually go for the sailing across the Atlantic look. I've worn loafers with no socks—maybe it's a Texas thing, but we don't do that.

DETAILS: How has your style evolved from being on the show?

CHACE CRAWFORD: I guess I've grown up a bit. By the end of the show I was wearing suits every day so now I know where to get a good one. I have a couple of Dolce and Gabbanas that fit me really nicely. Most of those high-end brands fit you well.

DETAILS: We're so used to seeing you buttoned up. What's the edgiest thing about Chase Crawford?

CHACE CRAWFORD: I have an Abraham Lincoln tattoo on my right ass cheek. I'm totally kidding.

DETAILS: Where are you shopping these days?

CHACE CRAWFORD: I do that about biannually. I get tired really quick. I really don't enjoy it so I try not to go out.

DETAILS: Can you go out without being bothered, or do Gossip Girl groupies find you everywhere?

CHACE CRAWFORD: Gossip Girl was popular like four years ago. Four years ago they used to bother me but now I can relax. Especially with this beard.

Kristen Dold (@kristendold), associate editor at Details

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