We Want It: This Colorblocked Pillow From TRNK's Brand New Store

The popular home design blog moves beyond mere inspiration and starts selling its wares.

Images courtesy of TRNK.

Frankly it's hard to get excited about a pillow, especially if it's not one you sleep on. But the selection of feather-stuffed fabric squares in TRNK's online store, which set sail on its e-commerce maiden voyage this week, are worth talking about.

That's because many of them have way too much graphic appeal to feel superfluous (who needs to hang art on a wall when you can just plonk it down on a couch?), and the colorblocked models, like this $75 option, manage to bring one of our favorite trends from the runway right into our homes.

If you're not familiar with TRNK, it's time to change that. The interior design blog has captured the living spaces of everyone from J.Crew's Frank Muytjens to artist Nick Cave, and its store has about as much taste as the influential men it profiles. Think Stephen Kenn chairs, Josef Albers prints, and the kinds of exposed-cord lighting fixtures that only exist in the homes of people who are way, way cooler than you are. Of course, that's exactly where those lamps and chandeliers are going to stay until you visit the store and start shopping.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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