Culture Quiz: Tom Cruise's Marriages

Guess who's back on the market! But before you get in line to start dating the suddenly single Tom Cruise, you'd better know a little about his dating and marrying habits, right?

17 Jun 2007, Spain --- 17 Junio 2007, Madrid, Spain --- US actors Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes attend David Beckham's last match as Real Madrid's player at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid. Photo by Victor Fraile --- Image by © Victor Fraile/Corbis | Location: Madrid, Spain. --- Image by © Victor Fraile/Corbis

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Yes, he's back on the market. But before you get in line to start dating the suddenly single Tom Cruise, you'd better know a little about his dating and marrying habits, right?

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1.  What is Tom Cruise's middle name?

A. Maverick

B. Mapother

C. Cruz

D. Cruise

2.  Who was Tom Cruise's first wife?

A. Rebecca DeMornay

B. Mimi Rogers

C. Nicole Kidman

D. Penelope Cruz

3.  On what movie set did Tom Cruise meet future (ex-)wife Nicole Kidman?

A. Cocktail

B. Far and Away

C. Days of Thunder

D. The Perils of Psychiatry: A Scientology Investigation

4.  Who served as best man at Cruise and Kidman's wedding?

A. Scientology head honcho David Miscavige

B. His brother-in-law

C. Rain Man co-star Dustin Hoffman

D. Top Gun costar Val Kilmer

5.  According to Nicole Kidman's divorce filings, Tom Cruise filed to end their marriage while she was …

A. Having an affair with a country singer.

B. Pregnant with his baby.

C. Attempting to convert him to Kabbalah.

D. Trying to convince him to give her the lead in the Mission: Impossible franchise.

6.  What did Nicole Kidman famously tell David Letterman she finally could do after her split from Cruise?

A. Date again

B. Go to church

C. Do movies with Mel Gibson

D. Wear high heels again

7.  Which of the following is not the name of one of Tom Cruise's children?

A. William Mapother

B. Connor Anthony

C. Isabella Jane

D. Suri

8.  What did a young Katie Holmes, then engaged to American Pie actor Chris Klein, tell Seventeen magazine in 2004?

A. "I look at these starlets who marry forty-something guys for the fame and the money, and I think, 'Ew.'"

B. "Chris and I are going to be together for a long time. I can just feel it. And he's going to be the next Pitt or Clooney, or Cruise."

C. "I think every little girl dreams about her wedding. I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise."

D. "Chris and I have been talking baby names. Definitely something normal, like Jane or Mary. Not one of those crazy Hollywood names, like Tree or Sari."

9.  What movie was Tom Cruise supposed to be promoting when he began jumping on the couch and proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes during a 2005 interview with Oprah Winfrey?

A. Mission: Impossible 3

B. War of the Worlds

C. Collateral

D. Minority Report

10.  Where did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get married?

A. Odescalchi Castle in Italy

B. Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland

C. Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte in France

D. Skibo Castle in Scotland

11.  What did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes claim the name Suri meant in a foreign language when they announced their daughter to the world?

A. Red rose

B. Sun

C. Princess

D. Alpaca

NOTE: Scroll down for answers and explanations.

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  1. (D) His real full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. What's this question have to do with Cruise's marriage? Some publications are reporting that Katie Holmes wants to change their daughter Suri's middle name to Cruise and her surname to Holmes.

    1. (B) Rogers is widely believed to have introduced Cruise to Scientology. The marriage lasted less than three years.

    2. (C) They starred together in Days of Thunder, Far and Away, and Eyes Wide Shut.

    3. (C) But they didn't try to take down a casino afterward. Miscavige was Cruise's best man at his wedding to Katie Holmes.

    4. (B) From Kidman's response to Cruise's divorce filing: "On Dec. 24 the parties had happily celebrated their 10th anniversary with a group of friends. During the balance of December and thereafter the parties were intimate; in fact [Kidman] became pregnant by [Cruise] but lost the baby through a miscarriage." The point of contention was whether the marriage was effectively over before or after the 10-year mark, which decided whether Cruise would pay alimony or not.

    5. (D) The statuesque redhead towered over her vertically challenged ex.

    6. (A) Conor and Isabella were adopted when Cruise was married to Kidman. William Mapother is Cruise's actor cousin. And, no, Suri doesn't have a middle name.

    7. (C) She broke off the engagement with Klein the next year, and began dating Cruise within weeks. Their first date was a motorcycle ride to the beach.

    8. (B) "I wanted the audience to be happy just like I wanted to make my sisters and my mother happy when I did those skits as a kid," Cruise said to explain his infamous couch-jumping antics five years later.

    9. (A) Skibo Castle is where Madonna married Guy Ritchie; David and Victoria Beckham were married in Luttrellstown Castle; and Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte is where Eva Longoria and Tony Parker wed.

    10. (A) and (C) They claimed Suri meant "princess" in Hebrew and "red rose" in Persian. Experts were less than impressed by the couple's linguistic skills, however. Some pointed out that Suri might more properly be translated from Sanskrit as "sun," from Japanese as "pickpocket," or used to describe a breed of alpaca.

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