Cycling Through Footwear to Find the Perfect Bike Shoes

Greg Emmanuel discovers the perfect cycling shoe.

Photo courtesy of Tsubo

Serious bikers know the value of a good pair of shoes. Commuter cyclists, on the other hand, tend to ride wearing whatever they happen to have on their feet when they leave the house. I'm that guy. I've ridden in Asics running shoes, A. Testoni dress shoes, Blundstone boots, Chuck Taylors, flip-flops, even (forgive me, fashionistas) Toms. But nothing ever felt right. Then one day I spied a long-lost pair of Tsubo sneakers in the back of my closet. I tried them once and I was hooked.

To be honest, I'm not even sure when I bought these shoes. But the green-leather-and-suede, very contemporary-looking sneakers—made by the design-driven footwear company based in California—must have caught my eye at some point before getting lost in the closet. But when I glanced at them again, they kind of looked like biking shoes, with their sleek profile and stiff rubber sole. So I put them on (they have laces, but those are really just to tighten the fit of what is basically a slip-on shoe) and went for a ride. It turns out they are extremely comfortable (both walking and pedaling) and have just the right amount of stiffness to power through each spin of the crank. (Really soft shoes, like those Toms, bend too much when you push down on the pedals.) And, best of all, they look cool. While a few companies are making urban cycling shoes (in fact, I have a nice pair from Teva), for both comfort and looks, I prefer my Tsubos. I recently upgraded to the smart new Resnik model (pictured) and they have taken a prime spot in the front of the closet.

— Emmanuel (@gemmanuel), articles editor at Details

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