DDP Yoga: Spring's Hottest New Workout?

Looking for low-impact, high-intensity workout but have zero interest in finding your chi?

Photos courtesy of DDP Yoga

If you haven't seen pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page since he was rocking a mullet (and let's be honest, you probably were too) it might be time to look up the three-time WCW World Champion.

Why? Because now Page is a yoga instructor and he's been promoting his workout program DDP Yoga like a maniac on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, The Doctors, and, most recently, Shark Tank, where he reported the company profited $800,000 last year. Page wanted $200,000 to develop a DDP Yoga app in exchange for five percent interest in the company, but the investors turned him down.

But, hey, any press is good press, right? Since he went on the show, traffic to the DDP site has skyrocketed, and the workout's Twitter page is up to 128,000 followers and counting. At $50-plus per DVD set, it looks like he'll have his $200,000 soon enough.

Luckily, the workout seems to live up to the hype. Back in Page's wrestling days he ruptured two discs in his back. Part of his rehab included yoga-based moves, which he now integrates in his instruction. Meant to be as low-impact as traditional yoga styles, it also incorporates dynamic resistance and sports therapy moves for added muscle burn and flexibility. It has all the requisite yoga inversions and poses, minus the om factor. Can't touch your toes? All the better.

And while DDP Yoga comes primarily in DVD packs that are reminiscent of INSANITY and P90X, DDP Yoga Workshops also take place everywhere from New Orleans to London and devotees are already gearing up for this summer's DDP Yoga Retreat in Mexico's Riviera Maya.

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Photos courtesy of DDP Yoga

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