Deap Vally: The Next Can't-Miss Rock Duo

Five things you need to know about the next It-girl rock duo, Deap Vally.

Bryan Sheffield/courtesy of Big Hassle

Five things you need to know about Deap Vally:

  1. They're badass. Singer-guitarist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards make the thumpingest, most-in-your-face lo-fi anthems of any two-piece this side of the Black Keys.

  2. They flaunt the kind of girl power a guy can love. Wearing cut-off jeans and halter tops, they bang out skuzzy riffs that make rock-duo forebears like the White Stripes seem prissy by comparison.

  3. They give Valley Girls a good name. The San Fernando Valley residents met in 2011 under decidedly non-rock-and-roll circumstances—a needlepoint class taught by Edwards, where they, like, totally bonded over a shared Led Zeppelin obsession.

  4. They generate a lot of noise. The pair's speaker-blowing first single, "Gonna Make My Own Money," made them the toast of both L.A. and London—where their track "End of the World" was named the BBC 1's Hottest Record in October.

  5. The buzz will get louder. Deap Vally's first EP, Get Deap, is out April 9; their debut LP, Sistrionix, is due later this year; and after opening for their idol Iggy Pop, they'll be rocking an actual deep valley this month—Coachella.

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