Designer Stefano Pilati Stars as Anchor in Zegna's Cheeky "News" Video

Playing anchor in a Daily Show-style segment on the fictional EZ Channel, Stefano Pilati hosts a tongue-in-check news dispatch about none other than, well, Pilati himself.

From the nun-inspired headgear he sent down the runway while at Yves Saint Laurent to his unexpected move to Berlin on the cusp of taking over as art director of Ermenegildo Zegna—the century-old fashion house firmly rooted in Milan—Stefano Pilati has never shied away from the novel. True to form, a new video featuring the designer discussing his first collection for Zegna is poised to go viral for all the right reasons.

Playing anchor in a Daily Show-style segment on the fictional EZ Channel, Pilati hosts a tongue-in-cheek news dispatch about none other than Pilati himself. With the designer interviewing the brand's CEO Gildo Zegna—and even quoting himself—the brief, which shows the value of not taking yourself too seriously, is a fresh and smart marketing technique for Pilati's first season with the fashion house. Aptly named "The New Eminence Grises" the collection in question draws inspiration from the idea of a gray eminence—a highly influential right-hand man who operates behind the scenes. As Jamie Dornan, the new face of the brand, explains in the newscast, "true power lies behind the throne." It's an idea surely not lost on Pilati (who hosts the segment sporting a gray suit and with his face cast in shadows) as he sets out to take the storied house into the future with equal parts talent, vision, and humor.

—The Details editors.

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