Designer's Eye: Inspired Hybrids

Joe Doucet, designer for BMW, Armani, and Disney, offers a quick course on how to combine two products and not make a spork.


After sitting through an 8-hour meeting in Milan, I was wandering the streets ready to dive into the first decent bar I could find when I came across this hybrid. It's a functional and utterly original example of juxtaposition — and that's rare.


Walk into a Sharper Image, and it'll quickly become apparent that slapping two objects with different functions together can easily veer towards the gimmicky. Otheriwise, doing so produces a boringly practical thing. Spoon + Fork = Spork: Not so interesting. Spoon + Sculpture = Spulpture? Now, that's something we'd all like to see.

Till then, here are some cool juxtapositions that already — thankfully — exist in reality.


Athough the idea of combining a motorcycle with a bike hasn't seemed novel since Mod was mod, M55's electric hybrid version adds so much testosterone to its styling that it seems like something from the not-too-distant-future.


This combination bag/table may just beat that oversized Ikea bag.


A lamp which is only a lamp when you attach a lamp to it. It's ironic without being "clever"— and a truly stunning object.

For Doucet's portfolio, visit and follow him on Twitter at @joedoucet.

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