Details and Bespoke Post Now Offer a Product Subscription Box

Details and Bespoke Post are collaborating on three "product subscription kits" conceived especially for the distinguished gentleman of style (that's you).

Photo: Bespoke Post

Just when you thought the United States Postal Service had nothing left to live for, subscription "box" services started popping up all over town. Do you need a personal shopper? How about a boatload of organic snacks? Well, there's certainly a mail-order kit for that.

Now Details has partnered with Bespoke Post to produce three curated boxes of cool stuff for men.

Here's how it works: First you sign up. Then Bespoke Post selects a mix of goodies—like shaving essentials, a whiskey-bar kit, a grilling set, a weekend bag, and so on—places them in a box, and delivers it to your home. Every month.

The first Details-curated box (pictured above) was designed around the theme "Summer Essentials" and contains a giant linen beach blanket, sleek folding sunglasses, and a fancy box of dominoes. The next two will roll out in October and December.

Unlike other subscription services, where box contents may be a surprise, BP e-mails you a list of inventory before each box ships so you can opt out for that month if you're not into it.

Subscriptions are $45 per month—about the same cost as roughly two and a half cocktails at any despicable respectable New York City bar.

—Justine Goodman, web editor at Details

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