Culture Quiz: Infamous Band Feuds

Test your knowledge of famous music-industry beefs with our handy quiz.

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As Axl Rose recently proved when he peevishly refused to share the stage with his Guns N' Roses bandmates to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this week, you can never be too old or too irrelevant to hold on to a grudge in the recording world.

1. Axl Rose refused to share the stage with his Guns N' Roses bandmates at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of an ongoing feud with Slash, once referring to the guitarist as . . .

(a) "Sexually confused"

(b) "A plastic-surgery junkie"

(c) "A cancer"

(d) "Endlessly untalented as his hat is ugly"

2. Common speculation is that Joey Ramone wrote "The KKK Took My Baby Away" as a dig at . . .

(a) Tommy Ramone

(b) Johnny Ramone

(c) Dee Dee Ramone

(d) Himself

3. After years of legal disputes over royalties with his former bandmates, Jello Biafra wrote a 2005 song disparaging the reformed (and Biafra-less) Dead Kennedys with the line "Playing hits from the good old days/ About how bad the good old days were." What's the title of the song?

(a) "Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything)"

(b) "Voted Off the Island"

(c) "Lessons in What Not to Become"

(d) "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"

4. Of younger brother and archenemy Liam, Noel Gallagher of Oasis once said:

(a) "The worst thing about him is that he's not very good. He plays dress-up and sits on top of an apex of meaninglessness. He doesn't mean anything to anybody apart from his fucking ugly girlfriend."

(b) "He's rude, arrogant, intimidating, and lazy. He's the angriest man you'll ever meet. He's like a man with a fork in a world of soup."

(c) "He can't even chew chewing gum and walk in a fucking straight line at the same time."

(d) "Liam is a fucking idiot, and I find him the most distasteful character I have ever crossed in my life."

5. In seeking to legally prevent David Gilmour and Nick Mason from using the name Pink Floyd in 1986, Roger Waters described the group as . . .

(a) "A committee of ridiculous noise"

(b) "Four blokes who should have never met"

(c) "A spent force creatively"

(d) "Another brick in the wall"

__6. Which of the following romantic dramas was taking place during the recording of Fleetwood Mac's album Rumours, arguably sparking the infamously dysfunctional band's long string of breakups and reunions? __

(a) Mick Fleetwood's wife Jenny was having an affair with his best friend.

(b) Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham broke up and got back together and broke up and . . .

(c) Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood got together and broke up and got together and . . .

(d) Christine McVie and John McVie were in the midst of a divorce and refused to speak to each other.


1) C. "There's zero possibility of me having anything to do with Slash other than by ambush, and that wouldn't be pretty," Rose told Spinner in 2009. "In a nutshell, personally I consider him a cancer and better removed, avoided— the less anyone heard of him or his supporters, the better."

2) B. According to the theory, Joey (Jeffry Hyman) wrote the song about Johnny (John Cummings), who'd married Joey's ex-girlfriend and often joked about Joey's Jewish background. The pair never spoke to each other offstage after coming to physical blows over Linda Ramone.

3) A. Biafra claims the title for the song came from a quote by former bandmate East Bay Ray, who was allegedly arguing for making money over spreading a political message.

4) B. Answer A is paraphrased from a quote about the Kaiser Chiefs; C is paraphrased from a quote about Victoria Beckham; and D is a slightly altered quote about Eminem and 50 Cent.

5) C. Waters finally reached a settlement with the rest of the band in December 1987, but not before picking a fight about Pink Floyd's signature inflatable pig (for which he won the trademark).

6) Trick question: A, B, C, and D were all taking place in one of the most notoriously romantically complicated album recordings in rock history.

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