5 Reasons Why Shaving Off Your Hair Might (Literally) Be the Coolest Thing You Do This Summer

Go ahead. Take it all off.

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Bruce Willis. Channing Tatum. Jason Statham. Bryan Cranston. Besides serious acting chops, there's another thing these actors have had in common at some point in their careers: a shaved head. It's an undeniably strong and distinctive look, and one that's quickly becoming the trademark of some of Hollywood's leading men.

We talked to Rob McMillen, the head hair cutter of Blind Barber—whose newest outpost recently opened in Brooklyn—about why taking it all off could be the smartest grooming move you make this summer.

1. You'll save money.

Less hair means more money in your pocket. It might seem obvious, but "you'll spend less on shampoo, conditioner, and styling products," says McMillen. You'll not only use the products you have at a much slower pace, you also won't run the risk having a bad hair day.

2. You'll save time.

Whether you're interested in grabbing a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning or streamlining your grooming regimen, shaving your head lets you do both. "You can now hit the snooze button an extra time or two," says McMillen, "because all that time you used to spend on your locks can now be reserved for something else."

3. You'll feel cooler, literally.

Summer's soaring temperatures can take a toll on your hair and head, leaving behind a soppy, damp mess. "A short look for the summer will not only be liberating, but will feel cool as well," McMillen says. Just imagine the satisfying sensation of feeling a breeze on your scalp, where you actually have nerve endings. Pretty enticing, right?

4. You'll look tough.

Guys who shave their heads or decide to go bald (see below) are often perceived as strong and authoritative. Why? Because making the decision to shear off one's locks takes confidence and, more often than not, a healthy dose of self-acceptance. "A buzz cut or shaved head is a more aggressive look, and one that also highlights strong facial features," McMillen adds.

5. When you're ready to take it all off . . .

Some things are worth repeating: Comb-overs and (friarlike) power donuts will never, ever be a grooming do. Compensating with what's lacking on top with extreme facial hair is not a proper solution, either. So when you're done fighting the good fight with Mother Nature, do the right thing and consult with your barber or stylist. He or she can examine your head shape and facial features to help "guide you on maintaining your new look at home, or in the shop," says McMillen. Just don't neglect your newly shaved head, which, like your face, requires good care. Daily sunscreen—we dig this one from GO247—is an absolute must.

Katie Chang is a writer and shopkeeper based in Brooklyn. Follow her at @katieshewrote.

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