Everyone Can Go Home Because Donatella Versace Just Won the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Like we'd expect anything less from her.

Image courtesy of YouTube

Are you ready for the best 24 seconds of your day? Because Donatella Versace's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, complete with shirtless models decked out in products she designed, is about to change your life.

In the short clip, the legendary designer nominates Pedro Almodóvar, Pharrell Williams, and Prince to do the challenge, but she also says that she's "not just here to ruin my makeup," and implores viewers to donate to the Lou Gehrig's disease charity.

But instead of lifting a bucket of bone-chillingly cold water over her own head, Versace got two male models—clad in black jeans and underwear made by the company that bears her name, naturally—to do it for her. Seriously. Maya Rudolph couldn't have done a better job of this.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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