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When it's time to cut your losses mid-date, the Bad Date Rescue app has you covered.

Image: Bad Date Rescue

Sooner or later, we all have one of those dates. Not just a bad date—but a date so far gone it requires an escape plan. While the chivalrous move is to suffer through silently, we're not always capable of taking the high road. When your only option is to cut and run, a new app called Bad Date Rescue has you covered.

Here's how it works: You use the app to schedule a fake call based on several different scenarios—your mom informing you that your sister is having a baby, your neighbor alerting you that your apartment is flooding, your boss demanding that you get to the office immediately, and so on. At whatever time you specify, an incoming-call screen appears on your device and a real voice recording comes on the other end, just loud enough for your date to hear. If you're feeling particularly tongue-tied, the app also comes with a feature called "Repeat After Me," which gives you a script to repeat to your date so you can excuse yourself gracefully.

So why is this app so essential to the dating game? Having a friend bail you out with a mid-date call is just a rookie move—not to mention that relying on someone else to do your dirty work can spell disaster. If you're going to leave your date high and dry, you might as well be professional about it, and really, what could be more professional than having an app for that?

Bad Date Rescue is free and available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

—Jordan Rubin is a regular contributor to You can follow her on Twitter at @jayhillary.

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