Download This: Chorma Organize Your Chores iPhone App

This week's app eases tension when assigning and maintaining responsibility for any type of chore.


__: iOS

Price: Free

Description: The newly released Chorma app is the simple solution to divvying up chores between friends, roommates, coworkers, or family members. It only takes one person to start the virtual chore chart, and as soon as you add cohabitants (by their email addresses) any user in the household can create, delete, or assign chores.

But this isn't a typical organization app. Chorma separates itself from the boring claim-and-clean routine by awarding points for a completed task. The value of the chore is decided upon its creation and the points are awarded to the housemate who completes it first. This works on the honor system, but we're pretty sure your roommates will notice if you don't actually take out the garbage.

Chorma recommends using the points to decide who foots the most of the bill on a night out, but users can devise their own tactics for what cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floor is worth.

Pros: It's a clean, simple way to keep organized and (hopefully) avoid conflict. Need we ask for more?

Cons: We're having difficulty finding any flaws in the brand new app, but the ability to add specific goals that users can trade in their points for would be nice.

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