Download This: Cooking Planit iPhone App for Your Valentine's Day Meal

Whether you're cooking for one, two, or more, don't get frazzled during food prep —the Cooking Planit app keeps your culinary efforts on a schedule so you stay organized and your dishes are done on time.

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Once you select a recipe, the ingredients are sorted in the app's grocery list, which (though not a new feature in apps) makes navigating supermarket aisles easy. When it comes to actually cooking, the real-time, step-by-step instructions are like having your own sous-chef in the kitchen: Big type, broken up as a new step on every page helps. Plus, the app gives you an estimate of when each dish will be ready to serve, with an emphasis on getting all the dishes done at the same time.

Unlike many food- and grocery-planning apps, Cooking Planit's detailed search function makes picking dishes really easy. You can even enter specific ingredients and food groups—great for those with allergies and picky palates.



__: iOS

Don't fret, Android users—version two, out in late April or early May, will be compatible, but you can use the web version in the meantime.

Price: $2.99

Pros: This syncs across multiple devices, so you can enter a shopping list on your laptop, access it on your phone in the market, and cook with your tablet.

Cons: Although we like the existing chef-crafted recipes, we wish users could share and trade their own ideas through the app. (Seriously, no chicken parmesan recipe?)

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