Download This: The Photos To Art App

A new app that lets you turn your camera roll or Instagram pics into hangable art.

Images: Photos to Art


__: iOS

Price: Free

Description: Photos To Art, the brainchild of, transforms iPhone photos into tangible, hangable art. By uploading snapshots from albums or Instagram, users can pay to print their work on wood, canvas, and posters—or have their pictures custom framed.

We know you don't take all those food and skyline photos to hoard in your camera roll, and even if that pic you took of your eggs benedict with the 1977 filter got a dozen or so likes on Instagram, its life span is still doomed. But with printing options on Photos to Art starting at just $25, you can immortalize your best camera phone pics. Be aware that files must be at least 200KB for a high-quality print.


Images: Photos to Art

Pros: The app is exceptionally user friendly, and it even projects how your photo and framing option will look on your wall.

Cons: Because the app was released just a month ago, there are still some minor kinks to work out. Be prepared for photo upload errors and messages alerting you that your camera roll uploads aren't large enough, though the majority of Instagram photos seem to work.


Images: Photos to Art

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