Download This: "Gangnam-Style" Santa DanceBooth App

There's no better fashion accessory than "Gangnam Style"—and now you can add a little horse trot to your holiday lineup.

Images: Santa DanceBooth


__: iOS

Price: Free

Description: If you wish you could channel PSY's confidence into some seasonally appropriate entertainment to impress your holiday guests but you just can't bring yourself to dance Gangnam Style in a Santa suit, the Santa DanceBooth should be topping your wish list right about now. Upload your face into the app, change into your bright-red suit (other costume upgrades, like sexy Santa outfits, will cost you), and select the perfect music for the horse trot. The tunes can be picked directly from your iPhone's library or recorded in the app, so if you haven't downloaded the best holiday albums, now's the time. After perfecting the dance moves, users can share their videos through Facebook and e-mail, which makes for an ideal last-minute Christmas e-card.

Pros: For such a simple idea there are a lot of added features that make this app fun—easy photo captures/sizing, adding music, and sharing. It's addicting, entertaining, and perfect for the season. It'll probably keep the kids (and the adults) entertained for hours.

Cons: We wish this was Android and Windows friendly, too.

Don't forget to check out PSY's holiday performance at "Christmas in Washington" earlier this month:

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