Download This: Stow, the Modern Packing List iPhone App

Don't be stuck throwing things into your suitcase at the last minute—let Stow organize your packing list for you.

Photos courtesy Stow


__: iOS

Price: $1.99

Description: If you're the type that hastily stuffs your bags with clothes and toiletries right before leaving for a trip, you'll appreciate the customized list-making in Stow. The app, released late last month, allows users to enter trip information and create super-organized packing lists.

Stow has templates for beach, business, camping, city, personal, golf, ski trips, and other scenarios, providing basic lists for what to take based on your gender, age, eye-care needs, and weather conditions. Hyper-organized types will appreciate the fact that lists can be shared via email or printed out in spreadsheet form.

Pros: We love how flexible this app is with user-generated items. It's helpful to have a general starter-list of what to pack, and the ability to enter any item is a plus.

Cons: We wish we could track our destination's current weather through the app—especially because there's already a dedicated "pack for the weather" section.

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