Download This: Car Apps to Avoid Tickets, Find Parking Spots, and Track Performance

Our editors identified four key apps to help drivers avoid parking tickets, find parking spots, track performance, and find services off the highway.


Avoid a Speeding Ticket: Trapster

Over 14 million users put the power of crowd-sourcing to work—alerting you to speed-trap locations, traffic cameras, and road hazards ahead. (Free)

Score a Parking Spot: PrimoSpot

A digital parking assistant that shows lots, meters, and legal street spots. Coming soon: updates on what spots are open in real time. Currently available only in New York, Boston, and Seattle. ($3)

Track Your Performance: Dynolicious

This gearhead's utility uses your iPhone's acceler-ometer to measure car-performance metrics such as 0-to-60 times, horsepower, and G-forces. ($13)

Find Services off the Highway: iExit

Craving Chinese food? Need to pick up a birthday present on the way home? This app tells you what services you'll find at each upcoming turnoff on the highway and then directs you there. ($2)

—Josh Dean

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