Download This: The Perfect Biking App

The free Map My Ride app tracks all your stats (calories, distance, speed, and plenty more) while you bike.

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I'm a regular bike commuter. And since last June, I have ridden 1,841.23 miles, burning 80,596 calories, just traveling to and from the office. Is this a humble brag? Probably. But more important, I know these stats not because of some fancy GPS-enabled bike computer (although they do exist), but thanks to a simple and free app on my iPhone.

Map My Ride does exactly what you want it to do: Runs seamlessly in the background, recording data while you cycle. Simply hit "start" before you hop on your bike, and when you hop off, Map My Ride provides all the pertinent information about your distance, speed, and calories burned, along with a detailed map of your trip that includes elevation gains. If you wear headphones while biking, you can even get an in-ride report of your progress at specified intervals from a very lovely-sounding female cyborg.

Naturally, all your trip data is accessible online, and there's even a social-networking component that allows you to follow your friends' rides and routes—so you can engage in some healthy competition over best speeds and times. But of course, for me it's not about showing off; it's just a cool and convenient way to keep a record of my commute.

Did I mention I rode 7.67 miles this morning in just 35 minutes and 30 seconds, averaging more than 12 miles per hour? I didn't think so.

— Emmanuel (@gemmanuel), articles editor at Details

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