Download This: Traktor DJ iPad App

Hey, DJ! A new portable turntable app makes it easy to mash up your favorite songs.

Forget the turntable—it's time to pump up the volume on your iPad. Native Instruments' new iPad-only DJ software, Traktor DJ, brings a portable interface to professionals and newbies alike. The easy-to-use app even aggregates music straight from your iTunes music library.

We've seen (and failed at using) a lot of the terrible DJ apps currently available, but this one has an interface that makes sense.

Remember the wavelength interface from Windows Media Player? Traktor DJ has a similar look, with a touch screen that lets you adjust the speed, pauses, delays, flangers, and gaters while you have your fingers on the beats. Novice spinners can choose to receive helpful tips as they get started. It worked for us—we found a way to mix Elvis Presley's "Don't Be Cruel" with Pitbull's' "Hotel Room Service" on our first try.



__: iOS (iPad only)

Price: $20

Pros: The app suggests songs to mix straight from the iTunes library if you need inspiration for which tunes are most mashable.

Cons: We like the ability to change the tempo by circling our finger around like we're spinning an actual record, but the placement of this part of the interface makes it difficult to adjust the tempo of both songs simultaneously.

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