DSquared2's Dean and Dan Caten Try on All the Clothes They Design—Even for Women

"We would also play with our sisters' toys and stuff, dress up..."

Photo courtesy of The Talks.


Photo courtesy of The Talks.

Dean and Dan, is it true that you only wear clothes that you have designed yourself?

Dan:Yes. It helps you understand it. We don't really get enough feedback. We have one amazing fitting guy who tells us everything, but certain details . . . We'll wear things all the time and think, "Why am I wearing that? What do I like about this?" There are little qualities about each garment.

Dean: Maybe it's a weight thing, maybe it's the wash, whatever.

Dan: It's all information. So it's like information lost if you don't get to feel it.

How does that work with your women's collection for DSquared?

Dean: We try it all on. (Laughs) I'm a 42.


Dean: Yes, I do.

What do you think it says about a designer who never wears his own clothes?

Dean: I can't believe it. They don't care. How can somebody design something by thinking about what somebody else wants to wear? It doesn't make sense. So I have a baby, and then I give it to you. What's that about?

You are identical twins and you seem inseparable. How close are you really?

Dan: We even sleep in the same bed.

Dean: Unless we're entertaining . . .

Does your closeness make other relationships difficult?

Dean: It depends on the person. They know that there are two of us.

Dan: It depends. Sometimes, yeah. We're sort of a couple. As we get older we're a little bit easier, but when we were younger . . . Let's change the subject! (Laughs)

When did you start dressing the same?

Dean: We would dress the same when we had to do something like grandma's 50th anniversary, but otherwise we always wore hand-me-downs and our sisters' clothes.

Dan: Because when we were younger we never had money.

Dean: We also were not allowed to wear jeans. Our dad was poor and he thought jeans were for poor people, so in the mid-seventies we had to go to school with dress pants. And we were the laughingstock of the school—for good reason. I think that's why we love denim, because we weren't allowed to wear it.

Which one of you started getting into fashion first?

Dean: Both of us. In Canada you have to take your shoes off at the door and we used to fight over who was going to try on my brother's girlfriend's shoes. They were blue suede, moon and star encrusted wedges. We would also play with our sisters' toys and stuff, dress up . . .

Dan: We had more style than they did. If they had to buy a dress for the prom or something we would go with them. It was weird, we were these little kids telling these girls what to wear.

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