Editors' Picks From Fashion Week

Fashion Week in New York City is well under way, and after viewing half of the collections, our fashion editors give their impressions of what we'll all be wearing in spring 2012.

Fashion Week in New York City is well under way, and after viewing half of the collections, our fashion editors give their impressions of what we'll all be wearing in spring 2012.

Justin Berkowitz, Market Editor


  1. DKNY: Slick urban clothing. Two standouts were the cool, thin dark-blue leather jacket and the sharp city suits in gray.


  1. Hyden Yoo: Soft, relaxed feel of vignettes set up with models lounging/relaxing on banquettes, at a bar.


  1. Steven Alan: Easy clothing for summer, strong showing of checks and gingham. Loved the contrast-sleeve tee and cut-off-board-short look.


  1. NUMBER:Lab: Happy, sunny California skate clothing. Love the navy suit with a pop of bright orange.


  1. Duckie Brown: Cool military/camp jackets, lots of layered neutrals.


  1. Nautica: Fantastic brightly colored outerwear. Poppy anoraks layered over suits and more sporty with board shorts.


  1. Billy Reid: Reid's embroidered shorts stood out— in their homespun feel but also incredibly cool.


  1. N. Hoolywood: Greasers, jocks, nerds— were fully represented. Simple takes on classically fifties wardrobe pieces--dark jeans, trim polos, and Coke-bottle glasses.


  1. Siki Im: Avant-garde mixed with great denim. Loved the dark take on the military jacket, as well as the blue shirt-scarf combination with oversize patch pockets.


  1. Loden Dager: Fun and easy with a lot of great color and prints. Great use of neon Nike sneakers and a single rolled pant leg, plus a hip-hop soundtrack, gave the whole collection a bit of a nineties feel.


  1. Patrik Ervell: A great watercolor tie-dye print represented in jackets, shirts, and ties.

Eugene Tong, Senior Style Editor


  1. The night before NYFW officially started, I went to the opening of Jake Davis' New York Made Us This Way exhibition at the Nepenthes store, a select group of individuals from his ongoing Test Shots series. It's a celebration of the city that we love and all the stylish personalities that live here.


  1. Antonio Azzuolo had me fiending for this oversize sweater vest this past weekend.


  1. Simple, cool, and understated swimwear from Prism by the talented and beautiful Anna Laub.


  1. Love these Billy Reid embroidered shorts.


5.Carlos Campos' super-cool Guatemalan belts were a perfect accent to a beautiful collection.


  1. Spotted this stylish guy on a bike while waiting for a show to start.


  1. Every man should own a soft-shouldered blazer like this one from Nautica.


  1. The Navajo trend done right.


  1. Robert Geller and Common Projects killed it again this season with the modern Algonquin toe shoe.


  1. Siki Im was definitely one of the standouts for me this NYFW. The collection was a perfect marriage between his unique point of view and what the rest of us can actually pull off.


  1. One of my favorite parts of FW is catching up with all my wonderfully busy friends and meeting new ones. Good times were had at Silver Lining in Tribeca with this crew.


  1. Simon Spurr continues last season's contrast-sleeve trend with this navy-and-black trench.


  1. My favorite part of the Tommy Hilfiger show was the play on the classic and perennial nautical stripe.
  1. Green Fairfield Porter-inspired jacket by Frank Muytjens of J. Crew.

Matthew Marden, Fashion Market Director.

  1. Blue series from DKNY. This color is sick!
  1. Sharp gray suits from DKNY are what I want for spring/summer '12.
  1. Hand burnishing at Fratelli Rossetti presentation. This is how they do it.
  1. Hilarious sunglasses cleaning cloth from Gant.
  1. Sheer hoodie from Duckie Brown.
  1. Tommy was all about Pop Prep, using Andy Warhol's iconic camo print on coats, jackets, shirts, etc. It's a cute look.
  1. This Yves Klein blue blazer from Lacoste is sharp.
  1. Alejandro Ingelmo makes a mean high-top— are genius.
  1. Here is Bespoken. Love the color-blocked shirt at right, and all the suiting is spot-on.
  1. Neutrals and earth-tone series at Carlos Campos.
  1. My favorite piece from Y-3 was this leather bomber. So simple, so chic.
  1. Sculpture outside Lincoln Center on Sunday night.
  1. Living for this sporty blouson jacket from Timo Weiland.

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