Essential Style: Todd Snyder Lures Us Back Into Autumn

The breakaway J. Crew designer has us thinking about September with his new lookbook.

We know, we know — the exact moment when you're pushing all that wool to the back of your closet and hanging up your winter jackets until October is no time to be scoping out new sweaters. Believe us, we've got it bad for summer too — Mother Nature owes us. Still, we couldn't help but collect the best of Todd Snyder's Autumn/Winter 2011 collection when we saw it on Slamxhype this afternoon and pass it on to you. First off, we took a look at the loose structure of his light, black trench. Then we got caught up in the ever so slightly oversize pockets on his crewneck sweaters. Then there was that blue top (so reminiscent of something we lost during Sophomore year of college) and those slate shirts with the collars that were just the right amount of too long. By the time we got to the end of this very American Psycho collection by the J. Crew alum with silhouettes re-engineered for a 2011 fit, well, fall had pulled us right back in. Be sure to hunt for these refined staples when the wind starts to cool come September.

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