Everything You Need to Know About the New Mr Porter Kingsman Label (the One Based on the Colin Firth Film)

This brings movie merchandising to a whole other level.

Just in time for next week's London Collections: Men, Matthew Vaughn—director of the upcoming movie Kingsman: The Secret Service—has announced that he's working with Mr Porter and a bevy of British brands on a line inspired by the film's costumes.

Come September, you'll be able to buy clothes like the sharp double-breasted coats and pinstripe trousers that actors Colin Firth (pictured above) and Samuel L. Jackson will sport onscreen from the label, which will, of course, be called Kingsman. The movie itself will debut mid-October.

Mr Porter's buying director Toby Bateman worked with costume designer Arianne Phillips on the brand's suits, but here's a primer on the other companies furnishing goods for the label:


The watchmaker supplies aviation-inspired timepieces to everyone from Orlando Bloom to Tom Cruise and the American Navy.

Cutler & Gross:

This firm hand carves its eyewear and doesn't put any logos on it for the ultimate in discretion.


Producing about 100,000 ties a year means that the handmade silk accessories this England-based brand creates will make sharp contributions to the collection.

George Cleverly:

Winston Churchill, Alexander McQueen, and a whole host of other natty dressers have worn boots from this bespoke shoemaker.


The originator of waterproof fabric founded this label and will be be offering up the outerwear.

Swaine Adeney Brigg:

The solid wooden handles of these umbrellas have been held by the British royal family since 1893. The brand will also design a few briefcases and bags for Kingsman.

Turnbull & Asser:

Equipped with a slim-fit shirt as of this year, the 130-year-old company will offer up sharp, tailored shirting for the line.

To our chagrin, James Bondian-like gadgets like that combination lighter and hand grenade seen in the film's preview, below, won't be manufactured. But the good news is the Kingsman label is already slated to come back for a second season in Spring 2015.

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