Exercises and Workouts for Every Muscle Group

It's never too late to begin sculpting that perfect body. We'll make it easy for you: Pick a muscle, any muscle.

Focusing on your abs? Arms? Legs? Chest? We've rounded up our best fitness-related articles for every major section of the male body—with videos to ensure you work out with perfect form. Bonus: an entire section dedicated to the "love muscle."


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Reverse Crunch, Dumbbell Side Bend, Ball Crunch, Lateral Pillar Bridge


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Redux Mountain Climbers, Glute Bridge, Hip Rotation Hinge, Glute Bridge Marching


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Barbell Biceps Curl, Reverse Incline Dumbbell Row


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Medicine Ball Parallel Throw Standing


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Alternating Lunge, Lateral Bent Knee, Mini Band Walk, Inverted Hamstring


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Push-Up, Redux Push-Up, Flat Dumbbell Chest Press, Incline Dumbbell Fly

The Love Muscle

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