In Defense of the Man-y Pack

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Images courtesy of Instagram/Gucci

Can the fanny pack ever be cool?


The once-ridiculed accessory has been slowly rearing its head of late. Don't believe us? Just check out this picture of the Rock that recently surfaced. Okay, there may be holes in the theory of trying to build a trend from that picture in particular, but earlier this week, Academy Award winner (we know, it's still hard to believe) and Details cover star Matthew McConaughey was spotted wearing one at an Astros-Red Sox game. His response to the questionable carryall? "I'm not afraid of the fanny pack." All right (all right, all right).

But you know what? The man has a point. As jeans get skinnier and suits get slimmer, the room in your pockets becomes increasingly limited. Where, then, should all your accoutrements reside? Your phone? Your wallet? Your iPad mini? Your keys? Your cigarettes (reminder: quit, already)? Should they create a cumbersome disruption in your smooth, sleek silhouette? Certainly not. McConaughey, for his part, has some advice on how to style it, by wearing it off to the side.

McConaughey's endorsement, of course, may not be enough to convince you, a man of discerning taste. It's not like Prada is endorsing them . . . oh, wait. Maybe there's something here, after all. Just ask Gucci.


Images courtesy of Instagram/Gucci

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