Street Style Blog Haute Dads Proves Single Men with Fashionable Kids are More Attractive

"I love the unrehearsed nature of street style—the story is there for anyone to see," says Nadeau of her subjects, captured here in New York City.

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Nicole Nadeau, a New York City–based artist and street-style photographer with an eye for well-dressed padres, started the blog in the fall of 2013, documenting the fashionable fathers (and their equally stylish progeny) she kept coming across, mostly in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn.

"Female fashion gets a lot of attention," says the 29-year-old. "I find the narrative happening between fathers and children, in the way the clothes tell a family story, very compelling." She looks for attitude, she says, not specific aesthetics (though, as seen in the selection here, smart kicks and sharp shades help). "It's not about a trend, a style, but diversity and the love between a dad and his children." And single dads, take note: "I noticed a lot of my girlfriends being highly attracted to fashionable men with children. It must be a chemical reaction."

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