Fit Is Everything: Why You Should Get Your Shirts Tailored

One of our style editors takes a trip to the tailor.


I told Wilfredo Rosario, owner of Wilfred's Tailor in New York City, that I wanted to wear my Polo oxford untucked for that casually trim Thom Browne look. "On an untucked shirt, the bottom hem should be straight or have a shallow curve," Rosario said as he began pinning. "A deeply curved hem looks sloppy." And how cropped should the shirt be? "Imagine there's one more button below the bottom button. That's as short as you should go." A week later, I had a fitted shirt that skimmed my arms and torso, hitting just below the waistline. At $100 ($40 for the body, $40 for the sleeves, $20 to raise the hem), the alterations weren't cheap, but now it fits perfectly—at less than the cost of an actual Thom Browne shirt.

The Four Best Tailors in America

Wilfred's Tailor

20 W. 23rd St. New York City 212-242-3030

Lizon Tailors

10905 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles 310-558-8611

Golden Needle Tailoring

814 N. State St. Chicago 312-787-3416

Newbury Tailoring Company

91 Newbury St. Boston 617-437-9180

By Jason Chen

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