Five Great Cameras (That Make Phone Calls, Too)

Forget size and screen resolution—what really distinguishes the best smartphones are the Photo features that make them pro-quality shooters.

Photograph by Victor Prado

Forget size and screen resolution—what really distinguishes the best smartphones are the photo features that make them pro-quality shooters.

1. For Outdoorsmen: Sony Xperia Z

This phone's waterproof glass fiber case lets you shoot in the rain and up to three feet of water. Plus, it's the only camera phone that takes video in HDR mode for those hard-to-capture campfire scenes.

Starting at $100 (with contract);

2. For Gadget Lovers: Samsung Galaxy S4

Have fun with this phone's built-in software tricks: Erase unwanted people from your photos, use the Dual Shot mode to place yourself in a picture with your friends—and even control the camera with your voice.

Starting at $200 (with contract);

3. For Social Networkers: iPhone 5

Apple's iOS7 offers a smarter-looking interface, eight new Instagram-style filters, and an AirDrop function that lets you transfer pics and video via a phone-to-phone Wi-Fi connection.

Starting at $200 (with contract);

4. For Moviemakers: HTC One

Never leave the director's chair with the One, which automatically records a three-second video in burst mode. Select the best stills to create a slide show with the intuitive editor—then choose your own soundtrack.

Starting at $200 (with contract);

5. For Photographers: Nokia Lumia 1020

You can finally ditch that point-and-shoot, thanks to a whopping 41-megapixel sensor—four times as large as on most other phones. This means you can zoom in on a photo without losing a hint of sharpness.

Starting at $300 (with contract);

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Three New Ways To Recharge

  1. The svelte Mophie Juice Pack Helium ($80; will give your iPhone 5 an 80 percent power boost.

    1. When you're on the road, take the Bolt ($60;, a compact USB plug that also holds two full charges.

    2. Away from an outlet, the Ventev Powercell 3000 backup battery ($50; will supply up to an extra 10 hours of power.

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The Endorsement: A Pocket-sized Photo Printer

Wirelessly beam your vacation shots and selfies to the palm-size LG Pocket Photo, a printer that's compact and light enough to travel with you—no ink cartridges, no paper tray—and delivers a 2-by-3-inch picture with rich colors in less than a minute.


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