Former Times Photo Editor Launches Whisper Editions Online Art Shop

Judith Puckett-Rinella just launched Whisper Editions, a new shoppable website. Each week, she features a specially curated, limited-edition item sold exclusively online.

Photo courtesy of Whisper Editions, Illustration by Nathalie Kirsheh.

Looking for your next hard-to-find, something that very few others own item? Judith Puckett-Rinella thinks she can help you find something unique. The former photo editor (Vanity Fair, New York Times Style T Magazine) just launched Whisper Editions, a new shoppable website. Each week, she features a specially curated, limited-edition item sold exclusively online. What's on sale now, for example, is a gorgeous print by photographer Cass Bird—which you can grab by noon on Monday, October 28 if you're interested.

Below, Puckett-Rinella describes the inspiration behind the site and how she finds the best stuff.

DETAILS: How did Whisper Editions come about?

JUDITH PUCKETT-RINELLA: It was conceived around a campfire and born about nine months later. What the idea boiled down to was that we would save people time and energy by curating the best of the best for them. When I was at The New York Times, all I had to do was ask the head editor of any given subject what the best of the best was. From the food writer and editor Amanda Hesser, I would find out where and what to eat, and what I needed for my kitchen. For design, Pilar Viladas was my go-to thermometer for the temperature of any given interior style or object of desire. To find out what the most essential pair of shoes of the season was, I would turn to the market and accessories director Karla Martinez. In turn, for photography, everyone always came to me to find out whose work to collect and, more specifically, which image would be the best fit for their homes.

DETAILS: What are your criteria when curating?

JUDITH PUCKETT-RINELLA: I take each artist and object on an individual basis. Because no two editions are alike, the first question I always ask is: Do I love it? I have been collaborating with my artists for many years, and I know their work inside and out, so quality is never an issue. Each one of them is at the top of their game in their respective fields.

DETAILS: What can you tell us about your current edition with Cass Bird?

JUDITH PUCKETT-RINELLA: Cass Bird has given us an exclusive on the image that graces the cover of her book, Rewilding. To me the photograph is equal parts beauty and brawn. Bird has this uncanny way of engaging and portraying her subjects, and it comes through in her work in a complex array of layered interactions and emotions—flirtation, attraction, admiration, and pure raw sexual desire. The print we are offering, "Julie in Braids," is at first very pretty. After a second glance, it's intriguing, leaving you with an eyebrow raised. It is an intelligent compliment to any collection, and it has the integrity and realness to be placed on its own.

DETAILS: Are there any upcoming Whispers you can give us a hint about?

JUDITH PUCKETT-RINELLA: Recently, I kept asking my writer friends what I should read next. This seems to be a common problem—not knowing which book to pick up. Without a recommendation from a trusted source, and with so few brick-and-mortar bookstores remaining, I decided to create a literary book bundle. This edition is curated by the publishing house Black Balloon, and it contains five excellent books—two of which come signed by the author, and one bound exclusively as a special edition for Whisper—plus a vinyl album that is a companion record to one of the titles.

Visit Whisper Editions at

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