Four Celebrities Who Need to Hit the Gym

Once fit, now fat and on the road to ruin—where will these guys be at 50?

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Celebrities can age gracefully. We've got proof in this slideshow: Are You Built Like a 50-Year-Old? (Maybe You Should Be.) Then there are the ones who were fit but have veered off course. Like...

Vince Vaughn

The once-slim swinger, 41 and pictured above, has been seen (more than once) deep-throating ice-cream cones.



Kevin Federline

The 33-year-old hit 232 pounds post-Britney—gulping 24 sodas a day. Not such a tiny dancer.




Luke Wilson

Now most visible shilling for AT&T—meanwhile, the 40-year-old's own coverage is spreading fast.



Brendan Fraser

Got a new agent after Furry Vengeance flopped. At 43, he may need a new diet plan, too.

— Kayleen Shaefer

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