Get Into the Groove: Corduroy Appreciation Day Is Here

Corduroy Appreciation Day Is Here. The founder of the Corduroy Appreciation Club tells you why every man should wear cords.


Cameron Krone

Miles Rohan, 34, didn't set out to become the cord crusader—he just wanted to draw attention to what he considered to be one of the most underrated fabrics. "Denim used to get all the press, so to speak, but corduroy is really stylish, plus there's a resilience about it," says Rohan, who five years ago founded the Corduroy Appreciation Club, a tongue-in-cheek homage to all manner of wales. On Thursday, November 11, the date that most resembles the appearance of corduroy, Rohan and his cordies will get together to celebrate the enduring material, which, if you haven't noticed, is having a major moment. Rohan, who wears corduroy daily—even in the summer—on why every guy should hail the wale.

13 Corduroy Pieces You Need in Your Closet

  1. It improves posture.

  2. It protects against digital radiation.

  3. It is three-dimensional.

  4. It makes a beautiful noise.

  5. It makes you look like you know what you are doing, even if you don't.

    Novices and seasoned pros alike can register for Thursday's event at

    by Courtney Colavita

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