Gieves Hawkes' Latest Menswear Offering Draws on Britain's Beautiful Coastline

"It's the texture of the clothing that adds the depth."

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Gieves & Hawkes creative director Jason Basmajian turned to the British coast when the time came to design the Savile Row brand's spring 2015 collection.

Varying shades of blue swept through London's White Cube art gallery, where Basmajian staged his show. Linen-silk blends were cut into a range of suits with subtle texture and shapes. Seam-sealed outerwear in teal and navy ensured that any coastal adventurer would be protected against the elements. And those pieces fit the bill for an offering that sought to blend "the formal world with the sporting world."

What made you choose the British coast as inspiration for this season's collection?

The British coast brings with it a rich, tonal, monochromatic color palette that sits very well with the look and feel I was looking for in this season's collection. While there is a lack of pattern, aside from the subtle tonal boating stripes, it is the texture of the clothing that adds the depth.

What's your favorite piece in the collection?

I really like the microdot dinner jacket. It combines the formal world with that of the sporting world, building classic formal tailoring with a sporting feel. I also wanted to create a selection of suits that are a pleasure to wear, comfortable, and tailored with Savile Row precision.

How does this collection stand out from your previous work?

This season's collection further builds on the British feel. It enables a modern usefulness and freshness through weatherproofed peacoats and the tailored waxed-cotton parka.

Image courtesy of Getty.
Image courtesy of Getty.
Image courtesy of Getty.
Image courtesy of Getty.

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