Giuseppe Santamaria of Men in This Town on Sydney Style, Four Ways

Sydney-based photographer Giuseppe Santamaria of Men in This Town travels the globe to bring you the world's coolest fashions.

Like New York and London, Sydney—where I live—is a city of villages, and it's the people and their distinct looks that define what each area is really about. Here's a look at four Sydney men who, in sum, define the city's style.


Photos Courtesy of Giuseppe Santamaria

Surry Hills is one of Sydney's main retail hubs, and its combination of thrift and boutique shopping shows through in its street style. Mixing vintage finds like brogue shoes with of-the-moment army-green chinos is a nod to both the history and the modern character of the locale.


Photos Courtesy of Giuseppe Santamaria

Newtown, historically the home of Sydney's blue-collar worker, was coined Goth Town in the nineties. In recent years the neighborhood's style has evolved with the arrival of its new hipster residents, who make their quirky sartorial statements in the details.


Photos Courtesy of Giuseppe Santamaria

The style that probably comes to mind when you think of Sydney is beachwear, and there is plenty of it at Bondi Beach. A singlet, board shorts, and flip-flops make up the typical uniform, but there has been a merging of urban and beach aesthetics in the last few years that's giving the look a bit more personality.


Photos Courtesy of Giuseppe Santamaria

The city of Sydney is full of men in suits—and that's always a good thing. Recently, guys have been playing with more color and patterns, bringing some life to the otherwise dull corporate world.

To see more well-dressed men from around the world, head over to Giuseppe's blog, Men in This Town.

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