"My Favorite Tech"—Product picks from Google Maps Mastermind Daniel Graf

Daniel Graf directs us to his own digital lifesavers.

Illustration by Matt Collins; Photographs courtesy of respective brands.

A generation of smartphone users would be lost without 39-year-old tech maverick Daniel Graf, who has introduced vital features like dynamic rerouting (saving drivers from the everyday gauntlet of gridlock). Here, he directs us to his own digital lifesavers.

Wind Alert

"I'm a kitesurfer—and I couldn't do it without this app, which gives live data on wind strength and which direction it's blowing. It basically tells me when to leave work."

Free; windalert.com

2013 Audi Q5

"My biggest tech splurge is a car. It's the first with built-in Google Earth, so you have a photo-realistic view right there if you're stuck in traffic. Which, in the Bay Area, is pretty often."

From $35,900; audi.com

Garmin Forerunner 910xt

"I'm leaving for Brazil in literally two hours to kiteboard. I'm going from fishing village to fishing village, which will be about 400 miles on the water. And of course I want to map it, so I packed my Garmin."

$450; garmin.com


"This app is like a second brain. At Google, we have in-house apps for work, but for my private reminders, this is what I use."

Free; evernote.com

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