This Is as Sassy as a Short Film About Suits Is Going to Get

We see what you're doing, Gucci.

Image courtesy of Gucci.

There really shouldn't be any questions about whether Gucci, at a brand level, prefers Italian or British tailoring techniques. But just in case anyone is really pondering that question, the clothier has produced a mini movie that provides an artful answer.

The clip, which debuted on Monday, follows a character played male model Clément Chabernaud as he runs the kinds of gentlemanly errands only a man who can afford Gucci's tailoring services can afford: he rides in a cab in London, gets his shoes shined in the marble-filled lobby of a New York office building, then gets a close shave from a barber in Tokyo.

Throughout his travels, he reminds people of a story about a young man and his English tailor. But Clement's character only reveals the crucial detail of the story at the last second. Which means, of course, you're going to have to watch the whole thing:

Gucci didn't just make the video for the sake of the Internet. This campaign is the only corporate partner for CNN's upcoming travel program Elite Escapes, which will make its debut on Sept. 1.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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