Start your trip off right by packing only the essentials.

Photographs by Brad Bridgers

Start your trip off right by packing only the essentials. Courtney Colavita


What you need to wear during a business trip should be your least worry. For a two-night jaunt, load your suitcase with the following: one gray suit, one pair of jeans, two button-down shirts (black and striped), two V-neck sweaters, a pair of oxfords, two ties, one belt, three pairs of underwear, and three pairs of socks. Workout clothes, while not a must, do make it more likely that you'll hit the hotel gym instead of the minibar.


Maximize space by stuffing your socks in your shoes and your belt in your shoe bag. When packing shirts and jackets, tissue paper can be used to reduce wrinkling. Lay a shirt on a flat surface and place one sheet on top of it. Fold the shirt's arms and hem around the paper so that it becomes an interior layer. And if you travel with more than one tie, invest in a tie case.


Photograph by Brad Bridgers

Waiting until the last minute to do your packing is a surefire way to forget something important. Here, a fail-safe guide to organizing your suitcase so that nothing gets left behind.


Advance preparation is the best way to avoid mistakes when you're traveling. Tom Kalenderian, men's fashion director at Barneys New York, keeps a stocked Dopp kit—with Guerlain's Vetiver fragrance and an electric razor—in his suitcase at all times. Follow his lead and you'll never find yourself without a toothbrush at 2 A.M. in Shanghai. Note: If you plan to carry on your grooming products, invest in a set of TSA-approved clear containers.


With nearly every airline imposing a baggage fee, packing well isn't just a space-efficient way to travel—it's an economical one. There are differing rules when it comes to organizing your clothes: Roll and stack (best for backpacking) or fold and layer (business-appropriate). Approach packing like a game of Tetris: The point is to fit everything into the right space. First, place the heavy stuff (shoes and your Dopp kit) on the bottom, in your suitcase's ridges. Level off any valleys with rolled underwear. Reduce bulk by alternating the direction in which you place your clothes so that, for instance, the waist of one pair of pants sits on the hem of another. And if possible, store your suit in your luggage's built-in garment bag.

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