The Rise of the Hot Jewish Girl

Why American men are lusting after women of the tribe.

Cheerleaders. Five-inch heels. Big, natural boobs. Those are merely the most obvious sexual fixations most men have, but there's another undeniable one: ladies of the tribe. It seems that America can't get enough smoking-hot Semitic tush lately.

In a recent poll on the porn blog Fleshbot, "Jewish girls" ranked second among kinks (the winner: "freckles"). Jewesses aren't just the rage in the triple-X realm, either: They're seducing goyim on Mad Men and Glee and giving movie geeks conniptions over reports of JILF-on-JILF action between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Darren Aronofsky's upcoming Black Swan.

That Jewish women have become the ethnic fetish du jour is all the more remarkable given that Jews represent a truly tiny minority (2.2 percent) of the U.S. population. In recent years, God's chosen menfolk have been objects of affection, too, though they draw their appeal from cuddly schlubbiness, not sexual energy—consider Judd Apatow's all-Jewish Frat Pack (Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel, et al.). But unlike their funnyman brothers, Jewish girls have had to overcome the old stinging JAP stereotype of frigidity, whininess, and big hair.

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Recently, however, the Fran Drescher rep has given way to a more smoldering image. Think cultural mutts like Rachel Weisz, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Rachel Bilson—women who have little in common beyond sultriness and Star of David necklaces.

And though most guys don't think religious observance adds to the allure, some of the dirtiest-minded do. How else to account for the popularity of "Frum porn," raunchy photos of religious Jews getting busy? Hard-core pics of girls in sheitels giving blow jobs have earned a devoted following far outside the faith—from men who probably aren't exactly sure what a sheitel is (for the record: it's a wig worn to show one's modesty). "It's like the Catholic-schoolgirl fetish—we all want to defile that purity," says Jewish porn star James Deen, who does so frequently.

Jews are, of course, no strangers to porn—the Hebrew hall of fame includes venerable names like Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, and Seymore Butts. Only recently, however, have performers begun to actively embrace their roots. "I never thought my Jewishness would be an asset," says hard-core superstar Joanna Angel, who grew up in an Orthodox family and has gone on to star in films like Cum on My Tattoo and Porny Monster. She still fasts on Yom Kippur, avoids bacon, and checks in with her mother more than is strictly necessary. She often finds herself mothering the entire crew on the porn set, traipsing around in stiletto heels and crotchless underwear and asking if everyone has had enough to eat.

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"I embody a lot of Jewish stereotypes. I have a Jewish nose and Jewish hair," Angel says of her black mane. "I also own my own company and feel guilty all the time."

It's no secret that Jews are comparatively cool about sex. From the racy Purim story of hottie concubine Queen Esther to the masturbatory fiction of Philip Roth and Erica Jong to everything that comes out of (and goes into) Sarah Silverman's mouth, the Jewish tradition is a veritable orgy compared with Christian culture. Rabbis exhort their congregants to get busy on Shabbat, telling them it's a "double mitzvah." The disproportionate number of Craigslist "Casual Encounters" ads posted by hot-bodied SJFs suggests a lasciviousness that many outside the tribe find irresistible. And while it's possible that these women might question the intentions of their pursuers—and indeed there can be something creepy about the desire to dominate a Jewish chick—most accept the fact that their genes have delivered some pretty seductive traits.

Often, those who deem themselves Jew-obsessed or merely Jew-curious worm their way onto dating sites like JDate, which lists 13 percent of its 650,000 members as religiously "unaffiliated." Some of these goyfriends are seeking marriage-minded partners—unfortunately, Scarlett Johansson's taken—while others simply want some steamy Jewess action. "It's really annoying—I get e-mails from guys saying, 'I never regretted not being Jewish so much as when I saw your profile,'" says Claire (not her real name) a New York nonprofit professional who runs Kinky Jews, a four-year-old group that mixes piousness with spiked heels and partner-swapping. At the organization's annual Kinky Seder, a Passover party in which the bondage of ancient Hebrews is commemorated with licorice whips, they have to fend off goy gatecrashers who want to play find the afikomen too.

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Those who can't get their hands on a real, live comely Jewess have been unexpectedly enamored with "The Year of the Jewish Woman", a 2009 self-published calendar in which writer-actress-comedian Jamie Sneider poses nude, blowing the ram-horn shofar, bathing in a tub of bagels, and covering her D-cups with strategically placed matzo balls and latkes. While she's heard from a few devout folk who find some of the images sacrilegious, the calendar has played well among gentiles: It was a hit on a USO tour of Iraq.

These women still see themselves as nice Jewish girls, and that's part of the appeal too. Angel says that while she's open to double penetration, there are certain things a good tribe member just won't do. She's rejected offers to perform in holiday-themed adult fare like this year's Dr. Suzy's Porn & Purim DVD Bacchanal, which mixes group sex with hamantaschen. "I've desecrated Christian traditions before," says Angel. "In one video, I put a cross-shaped dildo inside me, but I'd never do that with a menorah—that's just creepy."

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