It's Official: Men Buy More Stuff Through Their Phones Than Women Do

Good news for people who make men's shopping apps.

Image by Melodie Jeng.

The next time you hear anyone making an archaic (and, frankly, downright sexist) women be shoppin' joke, this tidbit may come in handy: it turns out that a higher percentage of men make purchases through their phones than women.

A recent survey conducted by BI Intelligence (and picked up by the good people at WWD), found that 18 percent of women bought a product or service using their smartphones in 2013—but so did 22 percent of men. A higher number of men (20 percent) also paid for things through their phones on iPads and other tablets compared to women (17 percent).

That might seem like a small number of percentage points, but when you consider that mobile spending has long since outpaced purchases made on a desktop computer, it's not difficult to imagine the vast different guys make in the digital marketplace.

And as the amount of money men spend continues to increase (young bucks who live in cities, in particular, have been shelling out so much cash on luxury goods that they've been touted as the future of luxury spending), we can only imagine how targeted the companies that want to sell them things are going to get. In other words, shopping apps are about to get a lot more dude friendly.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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