How to Burn More Fat in Just 10 Minutes

Don't forget an essential fat-burning post-regimen routine—the sprint.

Jason Ferruggia, a strength coach and the author of Muscle Gaining Secrets, designed a workout plan that puts an emphasis on six classic total-body exercises: the pull-up, the bench press, the squat, the farmer's walk, the military press, and the dead lift. See our guide on the Fastest Ways to Get Ripped for the details, but don't forget an essential post-regimen fat-burning routine—the sprint.

To melt away pounds and increase muscle tone, Ferruggia suggests that you end each workout with a series of sprints—either running or cycling. "Sprinting has a significant afterburn effect —it cranks up your metabolism and puts your testosterone levels through the roof, which will leave you looking like an Olympic sprinter," he says. "By comparison, jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes will just burn any muscle you've built and can increase cortisol, a hormone that leads to fat storage."

On a treadmill or an exercise bike, do a light 60-second warm-up. From there, sprint full-on for 10 seconds, following up with 60 seconds at a lighter recovery pace. Repeat this pattern for 10 to 15 minutes.

—Michael Beck is a contributing writer to Details.

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