How to Buy Seafood

A supplier to America's best chefs on what you should (and shouldn't) take home.


Photograph by Christopher Griffith

Photos Courtesy: Flickr

Rod Mitchell, of Browne Trading in Portland, Maine, suppliers to America's best chefs, on what you should (and shouldn't) bring home.

1."The best way to buy a fish is when it's whole: Because if the eyes are clear, not cloudy, and the gills are bright red, and not brown, you've spotted a fish that was recently caught and stored properly."

2."When you're buying fillets, look for those that are firm to the touch and have an iridescent sheen, not a dull look, to them. Ask your fishmonger to let you sniff them — they should smell clean, not fishy."

3."Shellfish should be alive. Oysters should be closed, and clams and mussels closed or partly opened — the shell should close when you tap it. Ask for the tag, which is required by law — it will show the date of harvest."

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