How to Dress Like Buddy Holly

Guest blogger Roxana Altamirano, the genius behind Nerd Boyfriend, shows you how to get the musician's look.

Buddy Holly is the original nerd boyfriend, a rock god with a geek style that made everyone swoon. His signature frames are perhaps the most iconic male accessory in pop culture—grab a pair and the look is virtually complete. Above, Holly poses for a press photo in a unique collar sweatshirt and slim black trousers.

Cotton Sweater in White

Slim Trousers in Black

Thatcher Frames by Warby Parker

Casio Men's Watch in Black

About the Author: Even for the most skilled dressers, assembling a killer outfit sometimes requires a little more inspiration than the average online shopping experience provides. Enter Roxana Altamirano, the genius behind Nerd Boyfriend, the style blog that offers step-by-step instructions for re-creating ensembles worn by icons ranging from Michael Caine to Richard Gere (see full list here). Now she's guest blogging on every week. Have a hero you want to see featured? Leave a note in the comments and we'll see what we can do.

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