How to Dress Like Marvin Gaye

Guest blogger Roxana Altamirano, the genius behind Nerd Boyfriend, shows you how to get the singer's look.

Even for the most skilled dressers, assembling a killer outfit sometimes requires a little more inspiration than the average online shopping experience provides. Enter Roxana Altamirano, the genius behind Nerd Boyfriend, the style blog that offers step-by-step instructions for re-creating ensembles worn by icons ranging from Paul Newman to Harrison Ford. Now she's guest blogging on every week. Have a hero you want to see featured? Leave a note in the comments and we'll see what we can do.


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As vintage Americana style continues to rise in popularity, it's only appropriate to pay tribute to one of its earliest modern pioneers, Marvin Gaye. He crafted a captivating style in the seventies by combining country roots with eccentric adornments and colors, such as the memorable "Let's Get It On" single-cover outfit of a denim shirt and a red knit cap. In this 1973 photo, he sticks with the denim and knit cap and elevates the rugged style by adding a classic white tee, work boots, and high wool socks.


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The Real McCoys Champion USA Tee (pricey, but totally worth it)


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Aubin and Wills Double Knitted Cap


Credit: Getty Images

Levis Vintage Clothing 1947 Denim


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Chippewa 8-Inch Logger Boots


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Billy Reid Wool Socks (For those overseas, HealthKnit Sports Socks at Rakuten are worth a look)

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