How to Dress Like Tom Waits

Guest blogger Roxana Altamirano, the genius behind Nerd Boyfriend, shows you how to get the musician's look.

You can see where Tom Waits' style borrows from his heroes—beatniks, jazz artists, bluesmen, folkies, and country stars. There's a timelessness in those influences that helps him look confident and effortlessly relaxed. The consistency of his style earns him credibility and a certain old-world mystique.


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Belfry Street Flat Cap


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Eddie Bauer Fitted Poplin Solid Long Sleeve Shirt in Black


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Gap Casual Trousers in Black


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Uniqlo Wool Jacket in Black


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Bronx Pointy Dress Loafer in Black

Even for the most skilled dressers, assembling a killer outfit sometimes requires a little more inspiration than the average online shopping experience provides. Enter Roxana Altamirano, the genius behind Nerd Boyfriend, the style blog that offers step-by-step instructions for re-creating ensembles worn by icons ranging from Michael Caine to Richard Gere (see full list here). Now she's guest blogging on every week. Have a hero you want to see featured? Leave a note in the comments and we'll see what we can do.

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